Locations of Yonder

Gemea is home to eight distinct regions, or biomes.  Each of these biomes are unique in their flora, fauna and critters.

Throughout your adventures you will discover that each region holds unique places to discover, remnants from before the Murk, and distinctive features and landmarks.

If you search long enough, you may also discover long forgotten treasures or even find a cat.  Possibly 55 cats.  But who is counting...


The Grasslands

During the day the sun gleams off the lake, and during the night the tip of Numino Peak gleams like a guiding light.

Clatters of groffles lumber about while kawaii of grass foxes flitter about in the sun.


Hearthwind Vale

The light dances around the valleys and hills that have been carved by water and softened by wind over the centuries.  In the distance, the rooftops of homes beckon you toward Bobbintoff.

Clouds of fabbits drift along the grassy valleys and twisted trees.




Numino Peak

Steep, rugged, and covered with snow, Numino Peak stands as a center point of Gemea.  When the stars appear, and the moon graces the sky, Numino Peak glows like a beacon to guide your path.

Through snow storms and bitter cold somehow the cozies of girpaccas thrive.

Sunderwind Wilds

Trees are scattered throughout and yellow flowers reach up toward the sky.  Remnants of the Old Kingdom, shroud in Murk, lie just out of reach.

Bolds of squmobles dart about, hidden in the tall grasses.