Discover Yonder

Gemea is a vibrant and diverse island ready for you to explore.

Home to wondrous and delightful critters, unique and sometimes eccentric inhabitants, and beautiful, changing landscapes, Gemea is truly a special place.


Critters of Gemea

Scattered throughout the island of Gemea are wondrous and delightful critters.

Through your adventures you can befriend and adopt these critters.  Be mindful, however, that the critters will pay you no mind if you do not have a supply of their favorite food on hand.

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Inhabitants of Gemea

Since the Murk took hold, the inhabitants have tried their best to continue on with life.  They are warm and generous people; but they have endured much over the years.

If you take the time to talk with them, they will teach you how to survive, teach you more about the flora and fauna, and they may even talk about a time before the Murk.


The island of Gemea

Gemea is home to eight distinct regions, or biomes.  Each of these biomes are unique in their flora, fauna and critters.

Throughout your adventures you will discover that each region holds unique places to discover, remnants from before the Murk, and distinctive features and landmarks.

If you search long enough, you may also discover long forgotten treasures or even find a cat.  Possibly 55 cats.  But who is counting...

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