Critters of Yonder

Scattered throughout the island of Gemea are wondrous and delightful critters.

Through your adventures you can befriend and adopt these critters.  Be mindful, however, that the critters will pay you no mind if you do not have a supply of their favorite food on hand.


Meet the Groffle

Groffles are a large and gentle grassland herd animal. Their coats are surprisingly soft and fluffy.

Meet the Grass Fox

Grass Foxes are small and agile grassland animals. They are very shy, but love to play.



Meet the Girpacca

Girpaccas are large, fluffy animal that live snowy climates.

Meet the Squomble

Squombles are small, rodent-like animal that love wood!




Meet the Fabbit

Fabbits are small and energetic animals, cute as can be!